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Paddling Trips

Equipment List For Paddle Trips

Equipment List For Paddle Trips

We paddle rain or shine, so come prepared to enjoy yourself on one of our surrounding peaceful waterways.
Realize the weather can change quickly, so bring everything on the list. Upon arrival at the put-in site, unnecessary items can be left in the vehicle. Be Prepared.

Plan on getting wet at least up to your knees, so wear:

  • Shoes that can get wet (thongs need to have a heel strap)
  • Wear shorts, swimsuit, or pants that can get wet, but dry quickly such as synthetics.
  • It is best to wear a non-cotton shirt such as wool or synthetic-polypropylene/capilene etc, so if it gets wet you will stay warm.

__ Sweater, or heavy shirt

__ Rain jacket and pants or poncho

__ Wide brimmed hat

__ Sunscreen

__ Lip protection

__ Sunglasses with strap

__ Drinking Water (1 qt. min.)

__ Snack food

__ Strap if you have prescription glasses

__ Meal if trip goes over mealtime

__ Flashlight for evening tour/class

__ Paddling gloves if tender hands (bike gloves work well)

__ Small hand towel for back support

__ 3 ziplock bags (triple bagged) for small valuables-wallets, keys

__ For canoe trips optional knee pads or spare towel (knee pads required for moving water canoe trips)

__ On tours that you are comfortable in your paddling skills, you might want to bring binoculars and camera in waterproof bags that have ropes attached to them, so that they can be tied into a boat.

__ If any possibility of it being cold, wear synthetic/silk/wool underwear (tops and bottoms), stocking cap/ski cap, synthetic thin gloves for warmth and to prevent blisters, wear synthetic/wool socks to keep feet warm.

__ Bring a complete change of dry clothes, shoes, and towel that will be left in vehicle to change into after trip.

Leave all rings, jewelry, non-waterproof watches, and wallets (except drivers license) at home or have a safe place in your car. Jewelry can easily fall off and wallets and watches can easily get wet while paddling.

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